In the beginning was the WORD...
…and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. John 1:1


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WORD Illustrated is an online ministry with a desire to share the WORD of God with all who seek to walk victoriously in abundant faith, hope and love. Visit WORDblog where you will find devotional posts that are written to be thought-provoking and heart-searching and will ignite a desire for a closer, deeper relationship with God. As a special treat you may find a video which will minister the posted message in song.

In addition to the devotional post, you will find inspiring short stories which will illustrate the WORD of God being applied to, and working in the lives of His people. Visit WORDbelievers and follow the different characters as they learn to love, trust and depend on Him and His WORD. You will be blessed!



Children’s Ministry

WORD Illustrated also has a vision of providing tools for children that will assist them in learning about the WORD of God, and establishing a solid foundation that they can build upon as they grow into mature, adult Christians. Look for our ebook ministry to be introduced soon. Visit WORDbooks™ to learn more!

 WORD of Wisdom

Got wisdom! Here you will find

some words of wisdom from the

  book  of Proverbs (along with

commentary) each week.

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WORD (Food) for Thought

 Here you will find short messages,

referenced with scripture, that address 

 some important issues that Christians 

should really take some time to think

and be prayerful about. 

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 Find 5 FAQ and Bible answers

about God and anything related.

These will change periodically. Learn

how to be a part of the questions

and answers provided here.

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WORD of Wisdom


Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Proverbs 23:13

Whether you have opportunity for the discipline of children or not, this week’s WORD of Wisdom allows us to consider how God treats His children and to take heed. We know that God is a loving Father and is patient beyond all measure, and we can take comfort in His chastisement (Hebrews 12:5-11). When He beats us with the rod of correction, it means He “strikes repeatedly”, never giving up on us until we get it!  He wants us to “get” what it is He is trying to teach us so that we can live an abundant life here on earth, and an eternal life in the hereafter.

Our love for our children dictates hat we must discipline them, just as our Heavenly Father’s love for each of us mandates that He chastise us. However, God wants us to have the same love and patience with them that He has with us. (Ephesians 6:4) We are not all the same, nor have we all had the same life experiences, so we will respond in differeent ways, and at different rates to correction. Children are no different. God knows exactly what we all need in order to learn what it is He is teaching us. Be prayerful about disciplining them – God will give you wisdom that will yield the desired outcome! 

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Below you will find five frequently asked questions about God, Christian living. or anything related.

1. Is it okay for believers to not attend church?

For whatever reason, at times believers may feel they can get what they need to grow spiritually, and serve God without having a church home and attending on a regular basis. Don’t be deceived. This is a trick of the enemy because he knows there is power in numbers, and that we are weakened when we are alone and not part of a body of believers. Hebrews 10:25 warns to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together… and  Proverbs 11:14 speaks of safety in the multitude of counsellors. If you are not part of a body, be prayerful about finding a church home – God will lead you to the right place!

2. Why do my prayers often go unanswered?

Sometimes it may be difficult to have faith if our prayers continue to go unanswered. We have to understand that God is in control and that if we are not praying His will, then we will have unanswered prayers. James 4:3 lets us know that we will not get what we pray for when we are praying our own desires. When we take our focus off of what we want, and focus on God and His will as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:42), His holy spirit will let us know what we are to pray for (Romans 8:26). Then, we must be patient because God does not do too many things in a hurry. Pray that He give you a thirst and hunger for Himself and His will, along with more patience and sensitivity to His holy spirit!


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WORD (Food) for Thought


On the subject of salvation – some teach the doctrine of “once saved always saved” – that as long as you believe in Christ and have accepted Him as your Savior, you will have a place in Heaven when you leave this Earth – no matter how you live out the rest of your life. If this is true, then why does the Word speak of removing names from the book of life?   I guess it really depends on what is meant by believing and accepting Christ. When we believe and accept Him we don’t take His grace and mercy for granted. We press into doing what is necessary (His Word) to repent (change) and overcome our flesh to become like Him.

Chew on Revelation 3:4-6 (This letter was written to one of the original seven churches – to believers, not the world!)

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